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Our Company

Career Images offers over 25 years of experience in providing you with an expertly selected spectrum of candidates to fit your exact requirements.  Whether you need temporary or permanent placement, entry level or highly skilled applicants, we will work tirelessly to find the perfect fit for your company.

While we are specialists in the legal profession, we have a long history of staffing the corporate and entertainment professions as well.  Career Images maintains an impressive roster of candidates in many different fields and in a wide spectrum of experience levels to ensure that we always have the right fit for your company on hand when you need them.  We understand that the temporary business is extremely time-sensitive, and we are committed to unceasing service that fills your position immediately.   

Career Images utilizes a detailed screening process to guarantee that only the best candidates are referred to your company.  Candidates are carefully evaluated and tested by the Career Images staff to confirm their skill levels and personal qualities are above par.  In addition, multiple references are checked and confirmed to further substantiate their resumes.  By employing these techniques, we can save your company valuable time in the candidate searching process.  We allow you to jump right into interviews with qualified and proficient candidates. 


Our Reputation

Career Images is committed to providing you with both the highest quality candidates and outstanding services. We conduct in-depth, in-person, interviewing sessions with each candidate. We are aware that the temporary business demands around the clock service, therefore, our staff is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you total confidence that we are available to support your personnel needs 100% of the time. Our staff is always available to provide you with the most ethical professionalism. We offer our clients big company advantages with boutique, individualized attention to every aspect of their needs.

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