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Interview Tips

  • Bring a copy of all relevant material including your resume, recommendations, contact information from past positions, etc. 
  • Always arrive early.  Make sure to ask about the parking situation before you leave, and give yourself extra time to get there, just in case you hit traffic. 
  • If possible, learn some basic information about the firm. 
  • Read over your resume before the interview.
  • Give the interviewer a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact when you say hello.     
  • Answer questions directly, only volunteering information when relevant.  You may refer to your resume, but this is the time for you to show them your personality.  Be confident and be yourself.
  • Avoid answers of yes or no; explain and sell yourself whenever possible 
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer when he/she finishes with the interview.  Ask questions about the company's history, how they make their decisions on personnel, and what you can do to contribute. 
  • Thank the interviewer for spending some time to get to know you better and let him/her know that you look forward to hearing from him/her again soon.
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